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Astros Boost Houston Ratings

Jason Barrett




What can I say? Owing to vacation, a vehicular mishap during the Memorial Day flood, Astros stories, other news updates and general ennui, I’ve gotten way behind on radio ratings updates. Sorry about that.

Let’s catch up with the Nielsen Audio ratings for Houston radio for the period April 23-May 20 and for May 21-June 17.

As always, we start with 6 a.m. to midnight (Monday through Sunday) among men 25-54, which is the key demographic for sports radio. For the first time I can remember, KBME (790 AM) led in the weeklong numbers over KILT (610 AM) for June. As you’ll see later, the Astros accounted for a big part of that improvement.

Station                   June              May               June 2014

KBME (790 AM)     2.5 (T18th)     2.3 (18th)        1.7 (23rd)

KILT (610 AM)        2.3 (21st)        2.9 (15th)        2.6 (15th)

KFNC (97.5 FM)      1.4 (T23rd)    1.9 (T21st)       1.3 (T25th)

KGOW (1560 AM)   0.2 (T37th)   0.4 (T32nd)     N/A


With no football on the horizon, the weekday morning drive time (6-10 a.m.) shows slumped considerably in June.

Station                   June              May               June 2014

KBME (610 AM)     3.3 (T12th)     4.2 (7th)          3.0 (T10th)

KILT (790 AM)       2.1 (17th)         2.5 (12th)        2.9 (12th)

KFNC (97.5 FM)     1.8 (21st)         2.1 (T17th)       1.9 (20th)

KGOW (1560 AM)  0.2 (36th)       0.6 (30th)        N/A


KILT still leads in middays (10 a.m.-3 p.m.), but KBME got a boost to pull into second place.

Station                   June              May               June 2014

KILT (610 AM)        2.8 (13th)      3.5 (8th)          3.3 (11th)

KBME  (790 AM)    2.3 (17th)       2.0 (19th)       2.3 (T17th)

KFNC  (97.5 FM)     1.6 (23rd)      2.0 (18th)       1.5 (24th)

KGOW (1560 AM)   0.2 (T36th)   0.7 (T28th)     N/A


KILT still leads in afternoon drive time (3-7 p.m.), but the rating slump continues here.

Station                  June              May               June 2014

KILT (610 AM)     2.6 (17th)         3.6 (11th)        3.5 (1th)

KFNC  (97.5 FM)   1.6 (23rd)       2.6 (16th)        1.5 (24th)

KBME  (790 AM)    1.5 (24th)      1.8 (2nd)         1.2 (216th)

KGOW (1560 AM)  0.5 (T30th)   0.5 (30th)       N/A


The Astros gave KBME a significant boost from 7 p.m. until midnight weekdays.

Station                  June              May               June 2014

KBME  (790 AM)    5.0 (6th)         3.1 (15th)          1.2 (T22nd)

KILT  (610 AM)    2.4 (T20th)       2.5 (20th)        2.1 (19th)

KFNC  (97.5 FM)   1.0 (T25th)       1.0 (T24th)      1.0 (T24th)

KGOW (1560 AM) 0.0 (T39th)      0.0 (T40th)     N/A


Let’s now turn to show-by-show comparisons, which reflect the general June ratings swoon.

Show (Time slot, station)                                                 June May

Adam Clanton/Lance Zierlein (6-9 a.m., KBME)                     3.5   4.2

Mike Meltser/Seth Payne/Texans (10 a.m.-2 p.m., KILT)      2.9   4.3

Rich Lord/Sean Pendergast/Ted Johnson (2-7 p.m., KILT)  2.6   4.0

Paul Gallant/Brien Straw/Texans (7-11 p.m., KILT)                2.5   3.1

Greg Koch/N.D. Kalu (9-11 a.m., KBME)                                    2.3   2.8

Charlie Pallilo (2-6 p.m., KBME)                                                  2.3   2.0

Nick Wright/John Lopez (6-10 a.m., KILT)                               2.1   3.3

Fred Faour/A.J. Hoffman (4-7 p.m., KFNC)                              1.8   1.6

Matt Thomas (11 a.m.-2 p.m., KBME)                                         1.7   1.3

Steve Bunin/Sean Salisbury (Noon-2 p.m., KFNC)                  1.5   1.4

John Granato/Sean Salisbury (4-7 p.m., KGOW)                     0.5   0.6

To read more of this article visit the Houston Chronicle which is where it was originally published

Sports Radio News

Ken Carman Continues To Look For Play-By-Play Opportunities

“I just can’t — for the life of me — understand how I drop hint after hint after hint over the last decade and nothing.”





92.3 The Fan morning host Ken Carman has not been shy about his ambitions to one day work as a play-by-play announcer. One of the more frustrating things for Carman is that his co-host, Anthony Lima, works as a play-by-play broadcaster for Mid-American Conference football games for ESPN+.

“How do I put this? I am jealous but I’m not — quintessential jealousy is like I want something bad to happen to Anthony,” Carman said. “I don’t want anything bad to happen to Anthony. I want him to do a good job and keep doing games. I just can’t — for the life of me — understand how I drop hint after hint after hint over the last decade and nothing.”

When a producer told Carman instead of dropping hints he should drop job applications, the host replied “I’ve tried that route”.

“It’s been a decade and now it’s getting to the point where it’s pathetic. That’s why I’m not gonna sit there and say ‘You want me to fill out an application?’.”

Carman believes if he were to be the play-by-play broadcaster for a game, it would bring increased viewership, adding he tunes into to football games just to hear his partner on the call.

When a listener sent a text to the program saying Carman isn’t jealous of Lima but he is envious, he agreed saying “Anthony lives my dream every Saturday, and I tune in and watch Anthony and hope for the best for him”.

Lima concluded by saying the pair went every broadcasting job in the city, and in turn they tune in and watch people worse than them do higher profile jobs.

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Brady Quinn: Booger McFarland’s Zach Wilson Criticism ‘One of the Dumbest Things I’ve Heard’

“And that’s saying something because Booger was on Monday Night Football and he said a lot of dumb stuff during that period of time.”




Brady Quinn

Last week, Booger McFarland said New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson “a young man who grew up with a lot of money” and has never “had to accept accountability”. Many criticized him for the stance, and FOX Sports Radio host Brady Quinn is the latest to point out the perceived absurdity in the comments.

During an appearance on the Pick Six Podcast, Quinn levied harsh criticism for the ESPN NFL analyst, saying it was completely unwarranted.

“It was one of the dumbest thing I’ve heard on air,” said Quinn. “And that’s saying something because Booger was on Monday Night Football and he said a lot of dumb stuff during that period of time.”

Quinn later made comments questioning McFarland’s legitimacy as an analyst.

“The interesting thing is that Booger came out on Ross Tucker’s podcast and defended himself as an analyst,” added Quinn. “O.K., well you just contradicted what you just said. Because as an analyst, you’re supposed to be analyzing what’s on the field. The last time I checked, you don’t have a doctorate or you’re not a doctor in understanding the sociology of the relationship or the parenting or anything else that goes along with that yet you want to analyze that. It was a bizarre deal.”

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Greg Hill Creates NFTs For Foundation Fundraiser

“I have always dreamed of being immortalized digitally, and now we are doing that for you this morning.”





Greg Hill has done several good works with his foundation in New England, and has now created a new way for those to give to his charity on Giving Tuesday.

During The Greg Hill Show Tuesday, Hill announced NFTs will now be available as an option for those who seek to give to the organization.

“Because we wanted to try find a different way for you to give on Giving Tuesday –those of you who would normally give to The Greg Hill Foundation or to any other charity — I am pleased to tell you that we are — at this moment — dropping the first ever Greg Hill Foundation NFTs.”

After the show joked that he is the owner of a Marconi Award and now featured in NFTs, he should retire, Hill joked “I have always dreamed of being immortalized digitally, and now we are doing that for you this morning.”

Hill then added NFT buyers will be invited to a private event at Cisco Brewers Seaport in Boston. Buyers will also be in a raffle to win tickets to The Greg Hill Foundation events, a suite to a Boston Celtics game, $1,500 cash, or two tickets to a Taylor Swift concert this summer.

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