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Mike Golic Addressed The Ending of His ESPN Radio Run on Pardon My Take

The 45-minute conversation covered the end of his run with ESPN Radio, his relationship with Mike Greenberg, and more.



Mike Golic joined Big Cat and PFT Commenter on Pardon My Take for a 45-minute conversation which covered the end of his run with ESPN Radio, the final hour of the show, Golic’s impact on listeners, the end of Mike and Mike, his relationship with Mike Greenberg, and more.

Golic acknowledged during the episode that the ending of his run in mornings was more bitter than sweet since the choice wasn’t his call. He said he wished he was still doing the show, and hopes to do mornings again, reminding the PMT crew that he’s not retired and plans to keep working.

When the conversation switched to his relationship with Greenberg, Golic confirmed the way Mike & Mike ended created a strain for the former morning show teammates. Then once Greeny started hosting ‘Get Up‘ and Golic began teaming with Trey Wingo, it made it harder to stay in touch. He mentioned that when they run into each other at events they’ll be cordial, but they don’t stay in touch and it’s a shame.

The part that bothered Golic most about the ending of the morning show was the lack of transparency from ESPN management. He confirmed that he learned of the show ending thru a media report, and he let the key decision makers know he wasn’t happy since he’s always tried to handle business privately rather than publicly. Regardless of how it went down, Golic said he understands that shows don’t last forever, and it doesn’t do any good to sit around and complain. He then asked management to let him return to working on college football games and is excited to do it if a season does indeed take place.

The interview also included Golic’s advice to Big Cat and PFT on how to create a sustainable professional relationship, how he’d have advised his kids to proceed with playing college football if they were in school right now, how his son Mike Jr. has handled criticism from people saying he got his shot at ESPN because of his dad, adjusting from teaming with Greeny to working with Trey, the challenges to keeping weight off, and more.

To hear the full episode click here.

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Tim Brando: Fox Has Been ‘So Good To Me’

“FOX actually asked me ‘Hey Tim, is there anybody you’d like to have with you’. I said yes, Spencer’s contract is up over at CBS and they went out and hired him.”

Ricky Keeler



Legendary play-by-play broadcaster Tim Brando has had one of the rare distinctions of working at ESPN, CBS, and FOX. He also has had the chance to work with the same partner at two different networks, which is not something that is very common.

Brando was a guest on the Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre podcast on Wednesday. During the segment, Brando talked about how when Joel Klatt moved up to the lead broadcast booth on FOX’s college football coverage in 2015, the network asked Brando who he wanted with him in the booth. His answer was to go bring in someone else he was very familiar with at CBS before FOX hired him in 2014, Spencer Tillman.

“When Joel moved up to work with Gus, FOX actually asked me ‘Hey Tim, is there anybody you’d like to have with you’. I said yes, Spencer’s contract is up over at CBS and they went out and hired him.”

Brando worked with Tillman calling college football games on CBS and in studio shows as well. This year, the two of them will begin their 24th year working together in some capacity over the last 25 years, which is quite the accomplishment.

When FOX called Brando to join their team in 2014 after CBS let him go, he was excited for another opportunity and he saw the vision and the growing college football coverage that the network was planning.

“In so many ways, FOX has been so good for me. When I left CBS abruptly back in 2014, I think a lot of people including me thought Oh gosh, I think I’ve earned enough checkmarks that I should land with a good parachute at a good place.

“I was a free agent for about 8-9 months. When FOX called, I was so excited. Their portfolio was growing, but it wasn’t nearly what it is today. They were visionary. I think they were thinking we are going to grow our college football portfolio. We need more people. We need to add some greater depth. Maybe some people that have a little more understanding of the history of the game. It’s not always popular for a young television executive to hire a 58-year-old guy that has worked at 3 different networks, but FOX did and I really owe them a lot.”

Brando definitely brings that to any college football game that he calls and he will begin his 9th season at FOX this year in addition to the college basketball game he broadcasts as well. 

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Julian Edelman Launches ‘Games With Names’ Podcast

The podcast, which will debut August 23rd, will relive the most iconic games in sports history, hence the Games with Names moniker.



Former NFL wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman has teamed up with comedian Sam Morril to launch the Games with Names podcast.

The podcast, which will debut August 23rd, will relive the most iconic games in sports history, hence the Games with Names moniker.

“Everyone’s always talking about who the GOAT is, but Sam and I are looking for the GOAG: The Greatest of all Games,” Edelman said.

Edelman, who retired from the NFL in 2020, has already worked elsewhere in sports media. He joined the cast of Inside the NFL on Paramount+ last season.

Meanwhile, Morril was excited to get the opportunity to work with Edelman.

“Julian Edelman is a three-time Super Bowl Champion and I just got 10,000 airline miles complaining that my in flight TV didn’t work,” said Morril. “We both know how to get things done, and it was only a matter of time before we joined forces.”

The podcast will be presented by WynnBET.

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Colin Cowherd Adds Madden Streamer Brady Mays to The Volume

Cowherd added that Mays, 25, brings a different level of content to the table.

Jordan Bondurant



Colin Cowherd once had very strong feelings about video games and esports, but apparently his mindset has changed. It’s changed so much so that Cowherd has brought on a popular Madden NFL streamer to his digital company The Volume.

Brady “Mayz” Mays has made a name for himself on YouTube streaming himself playing the popular video game. According to Yahoo, Mays channel amassed upwards of 100,000 subscribers.

“I’ve had a total change of heart,” Cowherd said in an email to Sportico. “That business is so lucrative that parents these days might be telling their kids to STOP playing outside and go inside and play some video games.”

Cowherd added that Mays, 25, brings a different level of content to the table, and that was what drew their interest in the streamer.

“At The Volume, we comb the internet for people who cut through within a specific genre,” Cowherd said. “We wanted to find a unique talent in esports, starting with Madden, and at every turn, someone on the internet was pointing to Mayz.”

“I’m excited to bring a new, innovative style of content to the table,” Mays added. “Partnering with Colin and The Volume is a testament to the growth and legitimacy of the gaming industry today.”

Mays will be the first person hired by The Volume to stream on Twitch. The newest edition of the EA Sports Madden NFL franchise drops later this week.

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