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Red Sox Sign Multi-Year Extension With WEEI

“Over the period on WEEI, the team has broken the Curse of the Bambino and captured multiple World Series titles.”

Russ Heltman



Courtesy: Audacy

The Boston Red Sox and Audacy are extending their partnership. The two sides announced that the MLB team will continue airing its games on WEEI after agreeing to a multi-year contract extension.

WEEI remains the team’s flagship station as it has been every single year since 1995.

“Few things embody the city of Boston better than the Red Sox, and we’re delighted to extend our partnership with the team,” said Tim Clarke, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Audacy Boston in a press release. “The team has delivered some of the most memorable moments in baseball over the course of the last two decades, and we’re proud to continue giving our audience a front-row seat to everything surrounding the team.”

Over the period on WEEI, the team has broken the Curse of the Bambino and captured multiple World Series titles. They’ll look to add more hardware as they begin their 2021 postseason run against the Tampa Bay Rays.

“For the past 26 years, WEEI has been alongside us delivering some of the most memorable moments in Red Sox history on the radio broadcast,” said Sam Kennedy, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Boston Red Sox. “From epic wins to devastating losses, there has been a constancy through the dependable and familiar voice of Joe Castiglione and the entire WEEI broadcast team. We are excited to extend this enduring relationship into a new era of Red Sox baseball.”

With the new agreement, team personnel is also back on the WEEI airwaves throughout each week of the season. Kennedy, Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom, and General Manager Brian O’Halloran will all make rolling appearances on The Greg Hill Show.

Manager Alex Cora will also pop on on Merloni and Fauria every week. WEEI has aired plenty of great Red Sox moments, and they are looking to add more into the vault as soon as this month.

Sports Radio News

Dan Dakich: Local Media Should ‘Always’ Go After National Media

“Look, everybody has to be in everybody else’s business.”



93.5/107.5 The Fan’s Dan Dakich told listeners Thursday that local media should “always” defend their markets against national media members.

A viewer claiming to be from Cleveland was watching Dakich’s show on YouTube and asked the former college basketball coach if local media should “go after” national media, referencing Ken Carman and Anthony Lima defending Browns fans from criticism from national outlets.

“Always,” Dakich said confidently. “I’m for me going after all media. They can come at me, too. Which they have. Which you’ve seen. Who cares? Look, everybody has to be in everybody else’s business.

“One thing I’ve learned is people don’t care as much as you think they do. People don’t even care a little bit as much as you think they do. ‘Oh my god, this was written about you!’ People don’t care. ‘Oh my god, you’re asking Deshaun Watson for an autograph?’ Yeah, people don’t care. We act like we do, and we’re supposed to, and we can do all the things that are supposed to make ourselves look good but people don’t care. People honestly don’t care.”

Dakich then went into a larger conversation about the ease with which media members can, and have, criticized the talk show host.

“There’s nothing easier than calling me out. I mean, damn. I mean, I’m low-hanging fruit,” Dakich said. “I’m a 60-year-old white dude. That has an opinion. That’s not liberal. It’s not conservative, either. It’s common sense. I’m the easiest guy in the world. Guys make their careers ripping on me. And they have. They jump-started a newspaper ripping on me,” Dakich said, alluding to the Indianapolis Star.

Star columnist Gregg Doyel recently wrote a scathing report ripping Dakich, who the writer called his former friend, saying the host has been “revealing his true character, one episode at a time” during the last few months.

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Gregg Giannotti Mocks Mad Dog For Mispronunciations

The clip ended with Giannotti, guest host Sal Licata, and update anchor Chris Lopresti cackling with laughter.



Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has a penchant for mispronouncing athlete names, and Thursday morning during Boomer & Gio, Gregg Giannotti poked fun at Mad Dog for a recent clip.

“The Yankees traded for Bentendi from the Royals,” Russo said in the clip, referencing Andrew Benintendi. “I’m assuming he got his vaccination shot because the Yankees wouldn’t have traded for him unless he did. A guy like Bentendi, who’s got a lot of guys around him, is a good useful baseball player.

“Galloway is outta there,” Mad Dog continued, referring to former Yankee Joey Gallo. “He’ll be better than Galloway. If he’s blind, he’ll be better than Galloway. From that perspective you’ll get Bentendi up here.”

The clip ended with Giannotti, guest host Sal Licata, and update anchor Chris Lopresti cackling with laughter.

“Galloway stinks,” Giannotti said as he impersonated Russo. “We all know it. You know it. I know it. Get Galloway outta here.”

Radio Hall of Fame, right there,” guest host Sal Licata said.

“The year you’re getting out of Aaron Bayliff is off the charts,” Giannotti said tongue-in-cheek, meaning Aaron Judge.

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Ken Carman and Anthony Lima Defend Browns Fans From National Media Criticism

92.3 The Fan’s The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima said the NFL’s decision is driven by media reaction.



The NFL announced Wednesday they would appeal the decision by former federal judge Sue L. Robinson to suspend Deshaun Watson for six games and 92.3 The Fan’s The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima said the NFL’s decision is driven by media reaction.

“My son woke up this morning — 2:00 AM — throwing up all over my bathroom. Not the worst thing I’ve dealt with today,” Carman said. “The national media has been very, very, very, very upset. There’s no other way to say it.”

“I should have known. I should have realized when shows like Pardon The Interruption, when this stuff gets brought to light — I mean we saw national news had this over the last 24 hours — I should have known that the NFL was gonna cave to the public perception”, Lima said. “They had a day and a half to sit and marinate on what they should do. Guys, I hate to say it, but nobody had your back. Nobody had Deshaun Watson’s back and nobody had the Browns back.”

Carman then alluded to the national media’s reaction that the suspension was too lenient as the reason the NFL decided to appeal the suspension.

“The problem is, you have a sports league that cares about what the media says, cares about what everyone else thinks. They got Kyle Brandt, on their own network, ripping them. One of the people that’s in their highest honor club, Kurt Warner — Hall of Famer — saying you have to establish a new precedent here,” Ken Carman.

Doug Lesmerises, a writer for, joined the show to discuss the NFL’s decision. Lesmerises recently wrote a column pointing out that Robinson’s ruling points out Watson, in her eyes, is guilty of sexually assaulting the women interviewed for the NFL’s disciplinary hearing, but he too fought back against commentary he thought unfair of Browns fans.

“What do you think of some of the national pundits going after Browns fans at (training) camp?” Carman

“I hate it. It’s pompous. It’s so stupid,” Doug Lesmerises said. “How you have enough energy when you have Deshaun Watson, and (Browns owners) the Haslam’s, and Andrew Berry, and the criminal justice system and everything that’s actually at play here, and you have enough energy, after blaming them, to go after fans?”

Carman later added “if I were to go to camp and somebody gets an autograph I’m supposed to look down at 12-year-old Junior and say ‘do you feel good about yourself? You 12-year-old kid.’ Good god, who the hell am I? Come on! I can be upset about Deshaun Watson, and the Browns, and all that stuff. But I’m not gonna blame the fans. I’m not gonna blame a kid for getting an autograph. It’s silly. It’s such a punching down thing.

“It’s just some of the lowest common denominator thing we do in the media,” Carman said. “Of all the things, come on. There’s a guy out there practicing and fans are going to root for him.”

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