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We built this portion of the website to make your life a little bit easier. As you explore taking steps to advance your career in the sports media industry, we want to do our part to help. There’s no substitute for talent and hard work, but that’s only half of what you need to succeed in this business. Relationships, information, tips, and good ole fashioned luck, are just as necessary. It starts with putting your name, resume, and materials in front of the right people, and that’s what you get here. Since launching in 2015, BSM’s content has been read more than 3 million times, most of it by sports media professionals, the audience you’re looking to reach.

I’ve often wondered how I’d navigate my career if I were in your shoes today. My journey began over 20 years ago when social media, industry conferences and the ability to podcast wasn’t an option. Those are great advantages you have at your disposal. But those who are gunning for the jobs you want have those options available to them too. Do you think you’re the only one with talent who’s launched a podcast or YouTube page? Or built a following on social media? Or sent an email with audio or video attached to a PD? Or requested to follow them on social media to build a connection? Maybe you even hired an agent thinking they’d get you thru the door faster. Why would a programmer or executive choose you over the hundreds of other applicants sitting in their inbox? What steps have you taken to earn space inside their head?

Having built and managed successful sports radio stations in three top markets, and produced some of the industry’s best national talent, I know what does and doesn’t strike a chord with brand leaders. I’ve built strong relationships with many of them because they know me, my track record, and appreciate that I understand their challenges, and root for their success. They visit our website regularly, attend and speak at our annual BSM Summit, listen to our podcasts, and vote on our Top 20 series because they trust us. Some even utilize BSM for consulting projects because they value our insights, connections, and ability to help their brands and employees create greater success.

I can’t promise you that you’ll land an opportunity by being a member here. I don’t believe in lying to people to gain their business. What I can promise is that your work will be seen by the right people, and when situations pop up in the industry, you’ll be notified about them. Should you land a job, it’ll also be highlighted either thru a written story, a podcast mention, or social media acknowledgement. You’ll also gain opportunities to save money on attending the BSM Summit.

Relying on emails, calls, a personal website, YouTube and social media pages will only get you so far. It’s why we created this platform, to give people like yourself another way to stand out with the right crowd. Hiring managers have varied tastes, and there’s intense competition for every single opening. You’ve given yourself an edge by joining our directory. Now make sure you showcase yourself in the best way possible because the next set of eyes and ears on your profile will form a permanent impression of your work.

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